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Image by Artem Kovalev

Trauma Informed

 Experiencing trauma in our lives can mean many things. It can also impact us in many ways throughout our entire lives. Where can we start to heal and stop our habitual behaviours and patterns? Trauma-Informed Coaching provides a safe space to open up about your experiences and find a new way of processing your emotions, thought patterns and energy. 

Initial Consult
90min - $120+tax

How Does Trauma Impact Us?

What to Expect

Yes, we are going to talk about feelings! However, only to the point that you are comfortable with. We will work as a team to get to know your story and experiences deeper; putting the puzzle of your cycles and patterns together, so that you can acknowledge and healing.

During the session we will discuss ways that you can support yourself on a day to day basis, helping your mental health, thought patterns, and use exercises such as Meditation and Energy Exercises to help release all that you have been carrying. 

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