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Classes, Workshops & Programs

We are all individuals walking on our own unique paths. That means that one wellness technique is not a perfect fit for everyone!

Carrie-Leigh offers a variety of Certification Classes, Intuitively lead workshops and Spiritual Healing Programs. 

PLEASE NOTE: That when booking Carrie-Leigh services, you will be redirected to the online booking system for Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat. 

Reiki Treatment

Usui Reiki 

Certification Class: Considered the more traditional Reiki energy to treat with, Usui Reiki offers a gentle yet extremely healing that you can learn to help others and yourself. 

Levels: First Degree, Second Degree, Master-Teacher, Karuna

Image by Diego PH

Holy Fire® Reiki

Certification Class: A "new" type of energy called Holy Fire® Reiki is a purifying and deeply transformative energy source, that uses the same treatment techniques as Usui Reiki, but a different type of 'fuel to drive the vessel".

Levels: First Degree, Second Degree, Master-Teacher, Karuna

No available programs
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