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Owner of Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat

Carrie-Leigh Stockwell started her own healing journey after experiencing childhood trauma. Living with Complex PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, she decided she wanted to embrace her future through in depth self work. Introduced to energy therapy in 2012, Carrie-Leigh dedicated years to processing through her triggers, fears and self doubt. She then wanted to help others with all that she had learned. 

Her services started over a decade ago, and after 8 years of pushing through the tasks of starting her own business, in 2019 she opened Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat in Kemptville, Ontario; a home-based business that is a spiritual nature retreat offering holistic sessions and a relaxing atmosphere. 

Through her continued work, education and experience, she offers a unique setting for healing on all levels, Mind, Body & Soul. 



 Although labels do not make us who we are, our experience through knowledge can bring us to our authenticity, and Carrie-Leigh offers educated and intuitive services.

 - Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Coach with York University

 - Certified Trauma Informed Coach with The Centre of Healing

 - Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master-Teacher

 - Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructor

 - Psychic-Medium

 - Intuitive Energy Practitioner

 - Spiritual Wellness Coach

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