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Energy Healing


  Reiki is the Japanese word for spiritually guided universal life force energy. This energy is all around us, and part of everyone of us. Reiki is a nurturing energy that allows us to open up to healing, and support us through shifts in our lives. 

  A perfect session for everyone of us, Reiki can help us balance and heal from Physical Ailments, Mental & Emotional Injury, Anxiety/Depression/PTSD, and bring us closer to our inner selves, 


1 Hour Reiki Session

$110 + tax

How Reiki Can Help You Heal

What to Expect During A Session

If you are new to energy work, booking a Reiki Session can make you a little nervous. What will it feel like? What will happen? Will it work for me?

The answer is that Reiki works differently for everyone. As the practitioner, I allow the Reiki energy to channel through me, and into your energy, and from there your energy and spirit knows what needs to be done. During any energy session you remain fully clothed, laying on a massage table with pillows and warm blankets. 

You may feel many different things both somatically, mentally and emotionally. You may feel warmth and then cool at different times. Tingling or buzzing. Yes, you will have thoughts come to your mind, but they are the ones that need to be focused on. You may feel emotional, but you are safe here to allow them out. 

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