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Sephyrion Ascension & Healing Method

The Sephyrion Ascension & Healing Method is an energy session channeled since 2019 since Carrie-Leigh. Working with Angels, such as Archangel Metatron, and using tools such as Sacred Geometry, the Sephyrion Method works through your channels and levels of consciousness to create clearer path to your high self through the Hermetic Qabalah system, to your Soul's Blueprint, Akashic Records and to the Universe. 


1 Hour IET Session

$110 + tax

What does the Sephyrion do?

What to Expect During A Session

This is a trip! Imagine striping away the layers that blind you from your Authentic Self. Embrace all the lessons you have learned and use your knowledge to propel forward in life. Carrie-Leigh will work from head to toe all the vessels in your body that carry your consciousness, sometimes working directly with the physical body, and sometimes on the energy that resides around it. 

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