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Your Authentic Self is Within Reach.

Trauma Healing & Spiritual Wellness with Carrie-Leigh


Thank You for the Nomination!

I am truly grateful that my clients and supporters have nominated myself, and company, Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat for the 2024 Face Magazine Ottawa Awards. Voting has started and ends March 7.


Wellness Coach of the Year

Carrie Stockwell

Natural Wellness Company of the Year

Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat

Meet Carrie

Certified Trauma Informed Coach

Certified Lifestyle & Wellness Health Coach

Spiritual Wellness Coach, Energy Practitioner & Psychic Medium

Carrie-Leigh started her own wellness journey over 10 years ago, by healing through trauma on deeper levels. Through her experiences with Reiki, Cellular Healing and Meditation, she wanted to reach out to others with what she had learned. 

As the owner of Pure Lotus Wellness Retreat, Carrie-Leigh helps you dive deeper into your self reflection, and supports you in spiritual healing, reaching your goals and connecting with your authentic self. 


What She Specializes In


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Amazing appointment! Carrie is very knowledgable and personable. Will definitely be back!.”

- Judy M.

“The MOST wonderful experience! Calmly feeling fantastic. Perfect combination of atmosphere, knowledge and skill. ”

- Stephanie P

“Deep relaxation. Release. Support. These are just some of the things I felt during my recent session with Carrie.”

- Kathryn T.

Let’s Get Started Together!

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